Tiered Programmes To Drive Retention

Using a tiered loyalty programme, brands can identify their most valuable customers and grow customer retention by offering increasingly better perks in exchange for purchases and engagement actions.

Tiering Solutions

Utilise A Tier-Based Strategy

Structure and Sophistication

Tiers improve the quality of your programme by naturally segmenting customers and benefits based on clearly defined rules.

Work Towards Goals

Give programme members positive motivations to continue shopping with your brand and participating in the programme.

Increase In Value

Programme benefits and privileges for customers only increase the longer they’re active – never decreases or stagnates.

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How Tiered Programmes Benefit Brands

  • Invest In Long-Term – Tiered programmes establish a foundation for building long-term customer-brand relationships. Customers see the advantages of committing to your brand and continue to return again and again.
  • Create & Customise – Make your programme totally unique and specialised with creative tiers and benefits. Programme tiers can be designed to fit your brand and audience in multiple ways, such as:
      • Naming & Color Schemes
      • Tier-Specific Benefits & Perks
      • Awards & Recognitions
  • Stay In Contact – Tiers create natural opportunities to connect with your customers beyond the transactional. You can send personalised member communications including:
      • Programme News or Updates
      • Level-Up Opportunities
      • Benefits/Perks Reminders & Usage Summaries
      • Exclusive Offers & Bonuses
  • Backed By Science – Behavioral science research has shown that a tiered programme structure helps build long-lasting customer loyalty on an emotional level. Achieving a special status or rank makes members feel recognised by the brand, and earning incremental benefits provides anticipation and gratification.

Make The Customer Experience Data-Driven

Take advantage of programme data that tiered solutions offer. You can create dynamic segmentation for any member data collected, such as date-of-birth, registration date, locations, number of redemptions, historical points-to-date, and more. Segmentation makes it easy to identify and strategically target any type of customer, from first-time buyers to your longest and most highest-spending customers. 

By recognising the actions of your most valuable members you can create a more personalised and enjoyable customer experience across your entire brand.


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The Loyalty And Incentive Tools That Power Your Business

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Receipt Validation

Securely collect and validate online and offline transactions from multiple vendors and brands. 


System Integrations

Connect and integrate with any IT infrastructure and software system without requiring major system changes. 


Tiered Programmes

Utilise tiers and statuses to drive customer engagement and develop targeted offers for specific customer groups. 


Rewards Catalogue

Customise the types of rewards, products, and samples to fit your unique customer base. 


Analytics & Reporting Dashboards

Customised data analytics modules let you segment customer data by multiple points to get better insights. 


Communication Tools

Own and manage both manual and automated member communications for promotions, product or service launches, and programme updates.