B2B+ Loyalty Platforms

Amidst evolving industries and growing competition, our proprietary B2B loyalty platforms give companies the power and flexibility they need to thrive. 

Brandmovers B2B loyalty is more than just platform software - it's how your business stands out from competitors, connects with stakeholders, and incentivises long-lasting loyalty. 



Motivate cross-selling. Increase touch-points. Build wallet share and retention. Whatever's driving you, we make sure your corporate and program goals align. 


Our modular technology provides the flexibility to hand-pick the platform tools and technology you want for your unique business and customers. 


Easily customised and quick to implement, we get your platform to launch faster than the industry average. 

Built For Any Industry

Channel Incentives

Create value offerings for dealers and distributors while also incentivising purchases for end-customers.

Rebate Programs

Rewards your trade distributors with valuable rebates based upon meeting and exceeding tailored goals.

Sales Incentives

Motivate your sales force and strategically drive product sales performance.

B2B Platform+ Modules

Loyalty software built to support and grow your business. 

Content Management System

Robust backend tool and CMS lets you manage all your customer bases, hierarchies, data flows, product promotions, offers, and more.

Dynamic Reporting

Dynamic reporting and analytics modules let you monitor and track performance, helping align teams with current sales and financial projections. 

Communication Tools

Direct communication channels let you promote new products, services, and offerings to enrolled members. Transactional emails update members throughout the earning and redemption process.

Specialised Dashboards

Segment out distributor data via region, team, department, etc. to tactically see how partners react to different incentives pre- and post-enrollment.

Points & Rewards Catalog

Customised point banks and tailored redemption catalogs maximises the value for your enrolled members as they earn points and redeem for items

Receipt Validation

Members submit receipts and/or invoices via the platform site or SMS. Submissions are validated and points awarded based on preset allocations.

Enterprise+ Platform Modules

Elevate your B2B loyalty platform to enterprise-level capabilities and efficiencies by incorporating our additional modules. 

Promotions Platform

Help generate leads by running CRM acquisition and and brand awareness campaigns with a promotions platform. You can choose from pre-built promotion templates including sweepstakes, contests, trivia games, social UGC promotions, and more. The platform CMS gives full control over managing and editing content, so each promotion is customised to your brand look and feely.

Member Community

Trust and reliability are vital to decision-making for B2B customers. Hosting a member community with your B2B loyalty platform lets you build relationships with brand advocates and gain a deeper understanding of your customers.

Community modules all members to explore blog/video content, post product reviews, create members groups, earn badges and recognitions, and more. 

Program Management

Our Brandmovers client services & account teams are dedicated to ensuring the success of every program we build. We offer several types of program management for any level of need, including:

-Reward inventory & Fulfillment
-Compliance & Legal Services
-Data Management
-Loyalty Strategy & Consulting
-Promotional Marketing

Our international offices ensure global coverage and support across Europe, the Americas, and Asia.


Our B2B platform integrates with all major CRM, ERP and HRIS systems including SAP, Salesforce, Oracle, Workday, Adobe Omniture, and many more. Data is automatically and securely pulled and presented using built-in calculations and earnings structures - eliminating the need for any hands-on calculations from your customers or distributor.

POS & APP Integrations

We can also connect B2B platforms directly with existing points-of-sale and retailer partner apps, so enrolled members can enjoy a seamless loyalty experience. Instead of manually uploading/submitting receipts or invoices, customers will immediately earn points at time of purchase. 

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