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Discounts capture customer attention for a time. Loyalty programs capture customers for life

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Retention Through Incentives

The Brandmovers loyalty platform enables brands to strategically position themselves as the go-to choice for their customers by offering valuable rewards at each step of the customer journey.

Providing tangible benefits in exchange for customer loyalty sets you apart from your competitors while moving you closer to your customers. 

Boost Traffic, Trust, and Sales

A tailored incentive experience helps guide customers to return to your brand with every action - from initial interest, to purchase, to reviewing and recommending products. 

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Points Strategy

Our program strategists use your financial modeling data to create points allocation and redemption values tailored to how your customers spend.

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Omni-Channel Communication

A comprehensive program-communications blueprint helps you stay connected to customers through: member activation & renewals, program news updates, triggered emails, and targeted promotional campaign messaging.

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Customer Support

Easily connect your existing customer service systems via our pre-built integrations, or utilise our in-house ticketing support system. 


Loyalty+ Platform Features

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Custom Analytics Modules

Easily access the data and metrics most important to your brand.

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Tiered Program Management

Run your program completely in-house or choose from a variety of our program management tiers. 

Tailored Rewards Catalog

Customise the types of rewards, products, and samples to best fit your unique customer base.

Content Management System

Own the complete look and feel of your loyalty platform using built-in CMS tools. 

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Receipt Validation

Allow customers to submit receipts via a number of methods.

Customer Data Capture

Specified customer data fields helps to grow leads and fine-tune your personalised offers.

The Brandmovers Approach

Our CRAWL / WALK / RUN approach to loyalty allows the initial build to easily scale up without costly and timely rebuilds. 

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Short-Term Loyalty

Achieve short-term results while testing for long-term loyalty by inviting customers to earn rewards for actions. Explore features like account registration, receipt validation, and rewards fulfillment. 

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Engagement Loyalty

Utilise an ongoing campaign calendar that incentives your registered customers to stay active. Customers can continue earning cascading rewards or points by engaging with online branded content and participating in polls, surveys, and referrals. 

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Full-Scale Loyalty

Evolve into a fully-branded omni-channel loyalty program that uses analytics data to strategically offer incentives and rewards for consumer actions and purchases. Included are curated rewards catalogs, program & user-dashboards, analytics modules and SSL encryption, and many more features. 


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