Changing The Way You Think About Loyalty

Discounts capture customer attention briefly. Loyalty programmes capture customer attention for life



Boost Traffic, Trust, and Sales  



Points Strategy

Our programme strategists use your financial modeling data to create points allocation and redemption values tailored to how your customers spend.


Omni-Channel Communication

A comprehensive program-communications blueprint helps you stay connected to customers through: member activation & renewals, programme news updates, triggered emails, and more. 

customer support

Customer Support

Easily connect your existing customer service systems via our pre-built integrations, or utilise our best-in-class CRM system for ticketing support. 

A tailored incentive experience guides customers to return to your brand with every action they take - from initial interest, to purchase, to reviewing and recommending products. 


Retention Through Incentives

Providing tangible benefits and rewards for customer loyalty sets you apart from your competitors while moving you closer to your customers 

The Brandmovers loyalty platform enables brands to strategically position themselves as the go-to choice for their customers by offering valuable rewards at each step of the customer journey. 

See how we help companies motivate their sales teams to reach targeted goals

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Or just implement the features you need.

Content Management System

Robust backend tool and content management system lets you manage all your customer bases, complex hierarchies, data flows, product promotions, offers, etc.

Dynamic Reporting

Dynamic reporting and analytics modules let you monitor and track performances, and help your teams align with current sales and financial projections. 

Communication Tools

Direct communication channels let you promote new products, services, and offerings to enrolled members. Transactional email update members throughout the earning and redemption process. 

Specialised Dashboards

Segment your distributor data via region, team, department, etc. to tactically see how partners react to different incentives pre- and post- enrollment. 

Points & Rewards Catalogue

Customised point banks and tailored redemption catalogues maximise the value for your enrolled members as they earn points and redeem for items. 

Receipt Validation

Members submit receipt or invoices by platform site or SMS. Submissions are validated and points awarded based on preset allocations.