Customer Loyalty  and 

Retention Programmes 


The Brandmovers enterprise loyalty platform allows brands to strategically connect with their most valuable customers, deliver engaging experiences, and build more profitable and long-lasting customer relationships.  



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Boost Traffic, Trust, and Sales  



Points Strategy

Our programme strategists use your financial modeling data to create points allocation and redemption values tailored to how your customers spend.


Omni-Channel Communication

A comprehensive program-communications blueprint helps you stay connected to customers through: member activation & renewals, programme news updates, triggered emails, and more. 

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Customer Support

Easily connect your existing customer service systems via our pre-built integrations, or utilise our best-in-class CRM system for ticketing support. 

A tailored incentive experience guides customers to return to your brand with every action they take - from initial interest, to purchase, to reviewing and recommending products. 


Retention Through Incentives

Providing tangible benefits and rewards for customer loyalty sets you apart from your competitors while moving you closer to your customers 

The Brandmovers loyalty platform enables brands to strategically position themselves as the go-to choice for their customers by offering valuable rewards at each step of the customer journey. 

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Implement the tools and features that build long-lasting loyalty. 

Loyalty Management System

Robust backend tools let you easily manage all loyalty initiatives in one place. Create and deploy static pages, specialised customer offers, unique redemption codes, retailer- and product-specific promotions, and more.

Customisable Points Engine

Go beyond points-for-purchase. Our flexible points engine let you customise points accruals logic so you can drive the right customer behaviours and actions that lead to deeper loyalty. 

Analytics & Reporting

Dynamic reporting and analytics dashboards give you more in-depth insights into programme performance, customer shopping patterns, and purchase behavior to help you optimize your approach.

Promotions & Gamification Modules

Increase on-going customer and program engagement using missions, challenges, scavenger hunts, sweepstakes, contests, instant wins, and more. 

Points & Rewards Catalogue

Specialised point banks and tailored redemption catalogues maximizes the value for your enrolled members as they earn points and redeem for items.


Our platform gives you more capabilities by securely integrating via API with any CRM, ERP, App, and internal systems - allowing users to earn points for social media posts, purchases on Shopify, and much more.