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The Right Formula For Loyalty

SkinCeuticals is a L’Oréal skin care line committed to the improvement of skin health and offering a range of products formulated using a combination of antioxidant ingredients. SkinCeuticals products are distributed through a network that consists of dermatologists, cosmetic surgeons, and spas.

SkinCeuticals commissioned Brandmovers to develop two loyalty programs to reward the brand’s most faithful consumers and skin care professionals

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User Engagement

Here's how we structured the programs based on our understanding of loyalty value proposition, human behavior, and industry benchmarks:

SkinCeuticals B2B

EARN - Skincare professionals earn points on every dollar spent on SkinCeuticals products and earn additional points for participation in activities.

RECEIVE - Professional members earn bonus points for growing their SkinCeuticals business.

REDEEM - Professional members redeem points for retail and professional products, exclusive events, and premium perks! 

SkinCeuticals B2C

EARN - SkinCeuticals Rewards members earn points for every qualifying purchase of SkinCeuticals products and in-office services from their preferred SkinCeuticals Skincare professional.

CLAIM - Members upload their receipts to record their purchases and earn rewards points. 

ENJOY - Members exchange points for Reward Certificates they can apply toward future SkinCeuticals product purchases.


SkinCeuticals Rewards

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