Meet Our

President of Industrial Division

Jeff is our president of our industrial division. He has been in the industrial industry for 25 years and has become a notable leader who uses his will–to–win to encourage those around him and succeed as a team. Three years ago he got an idea. As someone who traveled for a living, he leveraged the hotel and airline loyalty programs and got to thinking: Why don’t we do this in the industrial Industry? Why not reward our clients for buying our products?

Jeff reached out to Brandmovers about introducing a whole new concept of loyalty into a market that’s never had it and was thrilled that Brandmovers was willing to invest themselves into an uncharted area, as not many people at the time had considered doing loyalty programs in the B2B space. After seeing rewards from implementing the program in a top company, Jeff and Brandmovers decided to team up and create an industrial division where they can combine their expertise and tap into new opportunities.

In his down time, Jeff enjoys a relaxing day out of the golf course, traveling to new places, and an occasional ski trip.



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