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Indian Motorcycle Loyalty Program

Indian Motorcycle was founded in 1901 as America's first motorcycle company. To maintain their brand position and grow in memberships, Indian Motorcycle partnered with us to build a new and progressive affinity platform providing an exclusive club member experience to rival their competitors.


User Engagement

The platform incorporates the entire IMRG community including local chapters, officers, dealers, and other IMRG members. The platform serves a dual purpose as a forum for members to connect and utilise their member benefits, which helps provide incentives for memberships renewals. 

The Results

Indian Motorcycle Affinity Continues To Grow

A live program, IMRG has consistently grown their membership renewal rate since launch. The client is particularly pleased with the strides made towards recruiting older demographics..

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System Integrations

The new CRM gives Indian Motorcycle access to real-time member data and chapter activity, empowering them to ensure current members stay fully engaged. The platform serves as a tool for tracking potential members based on sales and interest data, and identifying outreach opportunities.

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