Meet Our

Chief Executive Officer

Andrew is our inquisitive and passionate CEO who founded Brandmovers in 2003 in the garage of his home during the boom of the digital revolution—a time when off–line promotions started transitioning to the internet. The initial goal was to build out new applications for brands to be able to connect with customers digitally in new, meaningful ways that were more efficient at directing and contacting customers. Andrew and his team first started by building email databases, then went to building games, contests, and promotions, which then evolved to social media around 2007, and thereafter they started moving up the chain to loyalty, and now to learning management systems.

Andrew's favorite part about his job is the flexibility to explore new horizons of opportunity within the business. Brandmovers' scalable technology allows the business to grow without limits. He is most proud of helping to empower people above and beyond what they believed they could do on their own; which is ultimately what inspired him to create a learning management system that provides people the opportunity to retrain and reeducate themselves in order to enhance in their career.

Andrew is a visionary through and through, and is constantly look for new avenues to explore. In his off time he keeps this adventurous spirit as he enjoys scuba diving and traveling to new, remote places.


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Scuba Diving