Brandmovers ValidSpend

Automated receipt verification for promotions, loyalty and rebate programs.

Brandmovers receipt validation platform provides brands with the ability to accept, process and capture receipts from any retailer, anywhere through any channel to support a range of promotions, loyalty programs and rebate programs.

  • Proven reliability - Brandmovers has implemented the platform for clients including Pepsi, Nestle and Hasbro.
  • Multi channel - accepts receipts via web upload, mobile app, SMS and email.
  • Flexible - fully customizable to meet the needs of your program, from website creative to security rules.
  • Works for any retailer - if we can identify the purchase, we can process the receipt.
  • Flexible implementation - either built in to a fully Brandmovers-hosted solution, or integrated via API into your website or mobile app.


Automated receipt verification for repeat purchase and sales promotions.


Automated receipt verification for consumer loyalty programs and trade incentives.

Rebate Processing

Automated receipt verification for rebate and cash back programs.

How it works

Step 1: User Submits Receipt.

Your customer submits their receipt through any digital channel - web, email, SMS, or your own mobile app. Brandmovers can handle everything, or you can integrate with our API to capture receipts from your own site or app.

Step 2: System Security Checks.

Automated checks within the system scan and assess submissions for fraudulent receipts. Driven by customizable business rules, our security checks are flexible for the individual needs of your program.

Step 3: Receipt Validation.

Our data capture engine digitizes the information you need for your promotion or loyalty program - we can capture not only the relevant purchase, but also the retailer, date/ location of purchase, and the entire purchase basket.