Meet Our

VP of Engineering

Jaspal is based in Seattle and leads our Engineering teams globally. We know we can depend on him for making our bold technology visions come to life. What sets Jaspal apart is his excellence in delivery and core understanding of business. His leadership skills in effectively leading and growing the engineering teams have contributed immensely to the growth of Brandmovers. He is a firm believer in a technology culture that fosters humility, accountability, and experimentation. Over the past 10 years with Brandmovers, Jaspal has been instrumental in scaling and growing our products and offerings across different verticals like Sales Channel Incentives, Consumer Loyalty, and Employee Incentives. He has overseen the successful execution of strategic initiatives like Rewardian, 3Cheers, and the core Loyalty Platform.

Jaspal thrives in the trust that our customers and business partners place in us. In his free time, he loves going on hikes with his wife, son, and their french bulldog.




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