Loyalty Programs

Our Full-Service Solution.

Brandmovers URewards platform is behind the loyalty solutions of some of the worlds’ leading brands, both B2C and B2B.

Loyalty & Rewards programs allow you to...

  • Increase desired and profitable customer behaviours
  • Gather transactional data that fuels planning
  • Create advocates for your brand that are knowledgeable and passionate about your products in front of their peers and your customers
  • Differentiate and maintain your brand “top of mind” with those buying and selling your products
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Program Design

Successful Loyalty and Rewards Programs require a well-planned and detailed program design!


Creating rich user experiences, engaging micro-sites, complementing mobile apps and more.


URewards is scalable and customizable offering an easy-to-implement and cost effective Loyalty and Rewards solution for your brand.


A a dedicated account team that works with your brand team to develop your Loyalty and Rewards solution, on time and within budget, throughout the duration of your program.


Communicate with your program members using segmentation, list generation, relevant messaging, and variable content.


Reward sourcing, fulfilment, redemption coverage, customer service hotline, tax forms, promotional winner notification and affidavits of eligibility.