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January Project: Weight Watchers

written by admin

Incentive schemes serve as a customer motivational programme which enforce branding and drive demand and sales.

Weight Watchers has incorporated this concept and created an ‘IncrEdible Rewards’ incentive system where for each food items a customer buys, they can earn a certain amount of customer credits.

Over the past couple of months, Brandmovers has restructured and updated the Weight Watchers website. Customers now pick from a broad selection of products such as books, music and DVD’s.

They are then required to then send in the necessary amount of barcodes from their Weight Watchers food items in order to redeem the product of their choice.

The website is now directly integrated with Amazons inventory via the Amazons Web Services Platform. Therefore, when a customer makes an order, the order is automatically processed and dispatched from Amazon.

This cutting-edge concept creates a dual-incentive for the consumer – by consuming Weight Watchers products to adopt a healthy lifestyle as well as being rewarded with products of their choice.

Visit the site at:

Weight Watchers

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